Hello Lovelies! Wow! Is it just me or did 2014 fly by in a flash?! And I have a feeling that 2015 going to be the same. I thought today I would sit down and take time to reflect over last year and then write out some goals thrown in with a few hopes and dreams.

2014 was such a learning/stretching year for me (sometimes painfully). First, I did the Bridal Expo in downtown Phoenix a couple of times and met a few amazing brides from it. I started doing more styled shoots with some amazing photographers and stylists. And I attended the Enjoy Events Workshop in Santa Barbara in the spring where I learned some good wedding business and styling tidbits I needed to know. I met some wonderful women there too that I really am fortunate to have in my life! I think last spring was when I said "I need to put my business/myself out there!". I couldn't just be a wallflower and expect people to know that I designed flowers and that they should work with me. And I have been doing this long enough to know that if I didn't kick it into high gear my business would just become another sad statistic. It was scary, but aren't all good things when you take that first leap of faith?

The rest of the year has blown by - I have worked with some of the best Brides here in Arizona! And I have made friends with so many great vendors as well. My family and I moved into a new neighborhood in the fall and the kids are in a school they love. 

And now 2015 is upon us, we are in the middle of January already! So looking ahead, everyone says that when you write down your goals and send it out into the blogosphere you are more likely to try to attain them. Maybe. I think it gives you some motivation anyways. First up - I tend to be a little bit of a workaholic so I have learned I need to schedule my personal time better. I think that is a problem a lot of business owners have. It is hard to put down the phone, set down the computer, not take on one more shoot or job. But, I need to be there (really BE THERE) for my family when we have family time. And maybe that is just scheduling time on the calendar and making sure I unplug, even if it is just for a couple of hours. And my husband and I are still throwing around the idea of adding to our little family. So. Yeah. We'll see.

Next, I always want to grow and learn more about my craft and my business. This year I am going to take a couple of small local classes but I am also going to the Flowerwild Worshop this February. I have pretty much told anyone that would listen about Kate Holt and her workshops. I have admired her from afar for years and I am finally taking a HUGE leap to invest in my business and me. 

Last year my goal was to do 20 events and I did it! I am happy with what we did and the amount of events we were able to accomplish. And I am so thankful for my little team! I couldn't do this without them. This year I am really not sure I want to put a number on it. More than anything I want to work with clients and vendors that I love and that love my work; artistically I would like to design beautiful, organic fine art weddings and events. My hope for this year is that my little business continues to grow and and refine itself. 

So, if you have read down to the end I am impressed! I am looking forward to what 2015 holds and sharing it with you all.  Cheers! XO

Photography Credit: Melissa Jill