Photo Credit: Daniel Kim Photography

This year has definitely been a year of change. I have been challenged in many personal and professional ways over the last few months. In April I took a trip to Santa Barbara to attend a creatives business workshop put on by the fab team Enjoy Events and Shotgun Floral Studio (enjoyeventscoworkshops). This workshop was for people who were in the early stages of their business and were just getting things worked out. And to a certain extent that was totally me! I had done a lot of the "legal" stuff and had a website/Facebook/Instagram/twitter accounts with some events under my belt. But I didn't have a very cohesive brand. I think it is still very much a work in progress - I don't know if I will ever stop updating and pushing forward but I think I am headed in the right direction. I felt a refresh for my brand was a good way to focus on my aesthetic and what I want to put out to the world.  

This spring I met and collaborated with Ayo Skeete on a couple of photo shoots she designed and produced. (side note: They are AMAZING, can't wait to share the last one we worked on) I was fortunate to have her design a beautiful website and branding for me. She is an amazing graphic artist and stylist, check out her gorgeous work here

Like I said before, this year has brought many changes (and change can be hard) but I am really glad that I am growing as a business owner and artist throughout this process. And I have met some of the most wonderful peers, mentors, and clients along the way! Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings. 

Much Love,